Thursday, November 1, 2012

I mentioned gluten free sourdough, now I've had success!!!

So, I've done it. Happily, successfully, GF sourdough FROM SCRATCH with my very own GF sourdough starter! I'll add pics of that later, as it must not be on my smartie pants phone.

Somewhere, on some photo taking device, I have more pics of my first real real loaf. They must be found... however, I wanted to get this up ASAP.

Abby said she prefers this to any glutenized bread. That is a huge vote of approval. Then the girls consumed about half the loaf. Lol!

Enjoy the pics. I'll add more, and links to the sites I got my final recipes from, so perhaps you will attempt this yourself! If I, in my journey to health, can do it... I think most anyone can.

:) My house smelled so good!

Veggie, gluten free pot pies, minis!

The pics show each step. I'll add recipes eventually. If you want them sooner, light a fire under me and ask!

If only I could get these photos to show up in order, or write captions beneath... I'll figure this out. Doing this by mobile is easier, for now.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Creamy, but dairy free, delicious and full of flavor, but vegan, and a hit for the whole family!

I made potato, leek and onion soup. Everyone loved it, and Audrey asked for a thermos for school. Avalei said she wanted some for lunch even if it got "cold and icky", lol!

Here is what I did. Chopped a few cloves of garlic, three leeks (just white and light green parts), a white onion, and around 8 potatoes, or so. I eyeball a lot, lol. Then sautéed in olive oil, until onions became clear/softened and added about 58-60 oz vegetable broth. I heated to a boil, then simmered for 20 minutes. I then put it in my vitamix, in batches, until it was all creamy. You would think it had cheese or milk/cream, but it doesn't! I then added some sea salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste. This time I also added some garlic salt for a little extra oomph. Divine!

Here is my proof in pics, though oddly out of order... I added them step by step. I'll have to fix this from my computer, and not a mobile device... anyway, here you go! :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Just getting started... aka: what this blog is all about

Well, I am just getting started on this new blog and want to introduce you to the purpose and vision behind this blog.

This is not my first blog, but this is the first with the intention of really getting info out there to other people.  My other blog is a sporadic endeavor, chronicling my journey, hopes and struggles with Lyme disease.  It truly is the driving force behind this lifestyle change, taking my current dietary lifestyle into a more focused direction.  I have not been a poor eater, in that I eat decently and am cautious with what I put in my body.  This has been the case for years.  However, it has been clear to me for some time, that it is not enough, given my health situation.  I have decided to take, what seems to many/most, a very drastic and restricted stance and eating plan.  I have chosen to go gluten free and vegan.  I will also be trying out a raw food lifestyle for the purposes of cleansing, then reintroducing some cooked foods in as a portion of my diet.  I really enjoy cooked foods, but I also eat a lot of raw foods too.

Some things I have implemented in creating ease through the transition:

I get weekly organic produce delivered to my door from Valley End Farm in Rohnert Park.  Clint has been my primary contact there, and he is kind and genuinely wants to help make sure I am getting what I need each week.  I replaced the container for my VitaMix as the other one had cracked.  So glad I finally did this!  I have ordered a cast iron dutch oven to create my own gluten free sourdough, and stews.  I am ordering a food processor and dehydrator asap.  I purchased a water filter kit that goes on the faucet, and after getting myself some water, squeeze half a lemon in to alkalize it and help my body balance.  I got an inexpensive juicer, but them borrowed my dad's heavy duty one temporarily.  I had one, though it was one of the many items I do not believe survived the move.  Whether by the theft, or by an accidental sale, who knows.  That cost a pretty penny, and I need to replace it eventually, but not yet.

Although my foods are fresh and organic, to the best of my knowledge, things can always be affected by other pesticides or chemicals in the air.  To help with that, and also help with healing my body, I now have a zapper.  See for more details.  Handy tool!  I have been doing these things slowly... it costs a bit to get these things set up.  The proper tools for the job are really essential, I think, to keeping you on task.  I will show some pics of delish food I made last week, and the prep work required when you don't have the better tools at your disposal.

(A huge part of my healing journey is one you should look into if you have issues as small as minor allergies. It works!)

Also planned here will be guest blogger's tips and recipes, complete with pics.  Heck, it's not as much fun without pics to go along... am I right?  Can I get an AMEN SISTER!?

Okay, I have children that need to hit the hay.  I have to close for now.  I will try to add some pics when they have settled and after my show, Once Upon A Time, is over.  You know you are hooked too... ;) Until my yummylicious photos arrive, you can imagine the scrumptious deliciousness.  Mmmmmm!

VeJenMama (working on my handle... suggestions welcome)